Create Awareness of Cyberbullying

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What is the Cyber bullying

First of all, cyberbullying has been an add-on form to digital devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets for years. Beyond that, cyberbullying can be done via text messages, texts, and apps, or online in social media, forums, or games where people can view, participate in, or share content. In other words, cyberbullying can include threatening and sending provocative insults, homosexuality, and sharing negative, harmful or despicable content with others.

First personal experience of cyberbullying happened in my secondary school

I am sharing my personal experience and I was bullied online in middle school. In addition, when I was about 14 or 15 years old, I was bullied by friends and called Alvin. So when he knew that one day I was reading this, he often wrote horrible things about me online, and then he even wrote even worse things, and he said I want you to fall from the earth to die and post on Facebook then, he wanted me to lose face in front of my classmates until now, and I will still remember it forever, but everyone can read what he said to me on Facebook. Next, I know that everyone thinks the same about me. Therefore, I couldn’t get rid of the trouble of being online, I had to calculate the actual distance from school to him literally.

I know that one day I eventually left my friendship group. When I first came home, I would tell my parents that I was bullied by a friend, and my parents told me to stay away from the Internet to block his contact to avoid the same thing.

Second personal experience of cyberbullying on facebook

According to this picture, I have experienced being bullied by others. When I first saw my first blog being commented as bad on Facebook, I was very scared and uncomfortable, and I was afraid that others would be constantly attacked and insulted me. When others read my blog, I would be misunderstood and I feel very scared and I posted it on my blog due to his comments. Furthermore, I immediately took action to blocked this person’s contact and reported and he was no longer in my Facebook contact.

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Cause of cyberbullying

In addition, many bullies are using multiple methods to threaten people on social media, such as insulting others, sending offensive messages to harmful people, sending sensitive photos without our permission, leaving comments, and making comments on your social media posts Bad response. In addition, we can also notice that cyberbullying poses a huge threat to society. If the bully takes this action, people will feel very scared and uncomfortable. It can be said that when people feel scared and uncomfortable, it may cause great and major emotions, such as depression, distress, and they may also do unexpected things to hurt themselves and commit suicide.

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From these data, it can be seen that there are four online platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter. In addition, the figure above shows two differences based on this figure. Because the blue column is for all young people who use it most on the platform. For orange column, the percentage targeted by cyberbullyers and try them on the platform. from this table, we can see that Instagram is the highest percentage used by all young people, not the other three online social media platforms. In addition, the second largest online platform used by young people is Facebook, but the proportion of young people who are bullied online is 70%. Next is whatsapp, which is the third largest platform used by young people and accounts for 50% of cyberbullyers on the platform. Moreover, the last online platform is twitter, which is rarely used by many people and not many people are bullied on the platform. In nuthell, these two highest online platforms are facebook and instagram, but it can be said to be very insecure social media, because these two platforms have grown by 70% and 85% respectively among 100% of young people.

Ways to overcome cyberbullying

If you are the target of a cyberbully, please don’t nervous and fear, you can overcome it by following these methods below that i have provided

this video is showing how to block the nasty message by cyberbullies

-never respond to the message by cyberbullies
-screenshot dialogue with cyberbullies and report to the police.
-seek for help hotline ( t: +60 3 7956 8144 | 7956 8145 | e:

How to stop the cyberbullying

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Similarly, the first way to stop Cyber bullying is to not respond to bullying messages. For example, when people want to find trouble to you, first they turn to attacks using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, which hurts and insults you. Therefore, if you cannot speak directly, please do not reply directly to the text messages, instant messages, emails or other communications you receive from the bully. So why bullies want to hurt people, it’s because bullies want to fight back from their goals, and if we fight back the text, it only makes things worse. The best thing to do is to stay silent and disconnect from the Internet.

Also, the second way to stop Cyber bullying is to block all communication with Cyber bullies. For example, when you feel your child is being harassed by a bully, we should immediately tell them to stop communicating with those bullies. Another way to keep them safe is to delete information from email contacts and prevent them from entering social networks. Beyond that, we can seek privacy settings on social media sites to ensure that bullies no longer interact with your children online.

Hence, the third way to stop Cyber bullying is to Avoid sharing sensitive personal information online. for example, do not take an explicit photo and posted on Facebook and Instagram this is because all this social media are public platform this will lead many bully to attack and tease to drop a bad comment on your blog .


In summary, although the Internet and mobile phone communication systems make our lives easier and play a very important role in our lives, people have been misusing the social media and phone. It has become a poison and creating many keyboard warriors in the cyber bullying.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Please read and comment until the end and don’t hesitate. Your likes and comments are greatly appreciated.

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40 thoughts on “Create Awareness of Cyberbullying

  1. Insightful as well as very informative. This blog has helped shed some light onto cyberbullying for me and I learnt a few things from it. Stay positive and always be kind to one another.


  2. It is sad that cyber bullying is still happening in the society. People would just want to drop remarks about everything and this just make them “useless” in the society. With this article, i do hope that people should take a mindful of what to speak what should not speak out. If is possible, change your perspective of views and words.


  3. Wonderful message, brother! We all should stand against cyber bullying. We must respect everyone, regardless of who they are. Once again, a wonderful message, brother!

    Liked by 1 person

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